bookkeeping and taxes for your small business

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Break up with your Bookkeeping

“It’s not you, it’s me” or “you deserve better.” These are classic break up lines that apply when it’s time to break up with your bookkeeping! If your office is overrun with receipts, you have bills to be paid and you haven’t reconciled your bank statement in months, it’s time admit you deserve better. Don’t worry, you can still be friends, but not every business owner is meant to be a bookkeeper too. Let Bastian Accounting take the stress and overwhelm out of your business’s day to day financial management to-do list.

Tame Your Taxes

Managing your business taxes is kind of like being a first-time parent. You have no idea what to do, but you know it’s really important that you don’t mess up! There’s a lot to figure out. Accounting systems, payroll taxes, expenses…the list goes on and on. Just like a newborn baby, stress from tax season could be enough to keep you up at night! But it doesn’t have to. Let the experts at Bastian Accounting get systems in place to prepare you for tax season and make filing a breeze!

Looking for a match made in heaven?  Let Bastian Accounting take on your bookkeeping AND taxes!  We’ll stay on top of your books all year so we arrive at tax time with no surprises.

Candice Urban-Green - Owner - boxCraft, LLC

"Tiffany has been great in getting me on track with my small business needs"

Cindy Inman - Owner - Plumeria Bath

"Tiffany is an amazing multi-tasker who has great knowledge in her field. Our worries are over now that we have an amazing accountant."

Christine Hartman - Controller - M.H. Mobile Wash

"Tiffany has been a tremendous help getting my business up and going on QB and then switching us over to QBO. Her service is above and beyond what was expected."

Ashley Denzel - Owner - Denzel Insurance Group

"Tiffany has been a blessing! She has helped me greatly already, and it has only been a few weeks. Her knowledge and passion are truly remarkable!"