Photographer, if you’re ready to:

Get more time back for your business

Bookkeeping takes time! And as a photographer, your time is money. The more time you have, the more you can dedicate to activities that will allow you to grow your business, go on more shoots, and bring in more revenue. After all, isn’t that the goal?

Always know your business numbers

Can you take one look at your numbers and know exactly where you stand so you immediately know if you can buy that new course, or hire that coach, or bring on a second shooter? Work with us and you’ll always know where you sit with your business financials!

Have peace of mind your books are handled

Your bookkeeping shouldn’t be given to just any accountant. As a photographer, you have a business that breaks the mold from what a “traditional” accountant can give you. You need someone who understands your specific needs as a Photographer… (that’s us!) 

We can help!

Take a Look at OUR SERVICES

Business Formation

LLC Formation

Investment (one-time charge) varies by state
Click here for state by state pricing list

What you get:

  • Preparation of Articles
  • Operating Agreement
  • Employer Identification Number / TAX ID
  • Filing of Formation Documents
  • Name Availability Search
  • Electronic Delivery of Filed Documents

S-Corporation Election

(Must Be an LLC to elect S-Corp Status)
Investment (one-time charge) 195.00

What you get:

  • Preparation form 2553 for S-Corp Election
  • Detailed Instructions to sign and mail-in form

Build Your Accounting Package

Book Setup & Compliance Review (REQUIRED)

Investment: (one time charge)  $1,997 Upfront or 12 Monthly Payments of $175/Mo

What you get:

  • Complete QuickBooks Online Setup 
  • Historical Data Import (for the current tax year)*
  • Accurate Sales Recording
  • Business Structure Review
  • Sales Tax Compliance Review 
  • Contractor Compliance Review
  • Full Financial Reports
  • 30 Minute Zoom Meeting

*$497 Per additional Tax Year

    Monthly Bookkeeping  (REQUIRED)

    Investment: $397/Mo

    What you get:

    • QBO Monthly Subscription ($50/Value)
    • Full Monthly Bookkeeping
    • Record Owner Draws & Contributions
    • Record Assets/Depreciation
    • Monthly Financial Reports
    • Year-End Financials (for Taxes)
    • Accountant Full Support (LIVE Chat)
    • Client Education Center (Full Access)

    Choose Your Add-Ons

    CONTRACTOR Compliance

    Investment: $77/Mo

    What you get:

    • W-9 Compliance 
    • 1099 Tracking & Filing *

    * First 3 1099’s Filed, $25 per 1099 form after 3

    Sales Tax Compliance

    Investment: $77/Mo

    What you get:

    • Sales Tax Tracking
    • Sales Tax Filing **

    ** One Sales Tax State included $25/mo per state after 1

    Tax Planning

    Investment: $97/Mo

    What you get:

    • Quarterly Tax Plan 
    • Estimated Payment Vouchers

    Tax return Filing

    Investment: Prices below are the annual fees that will be divided up based on months left in the year when you begin services. When you apply, we’ll send you a complete pricing breakout to know precisely what your monthly fee will be.

    Individual Tax Return – $697.00

    Per Schedule C or E  – $200

    S-Corp or Partnership – $997.00

    What you get:

    • Annual client tax organizer
    • Tax Return Filing (Personal, Business, State & Federal)
    • Comparison to prior tax years

    *additional prior-year tax returns can be added on as well with the same pricing as above


    Setup (One Time Fee) $97.00
    Service: $177/Mo

    What you get:

    • Complete Payroll Setup
    • Processing of Bi-Monthly Payroll 
    • Tracking and Payment of all Payroll Taxes
    • Online Access to Paystubs & W-2’s
    • Timesheet tracking for employees
    • Pay Self (If S-Corp), Employees & Contractors

    *Includes 1 Employee/Contractor $10.00/Mo per additional Employee/Contractor

    Client Success Stories

     QuickBooks Online Mile IQ  

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