Does this sound like you?



You provide AMAZING results for your CLIENTS


You know BOOKKEEPING & TAX PLANNING are important

You keep PROMISING YOURSELF you’ll get on track

But, every time you sit down to get started –

You have NO FREAKING CLUE where to begin, so you push it off another day…


I help Creatives & Photographers just like YOU get their Sh!t together, financially speaking of course. Together, we’ll get you on track once and for all through well-organized bookkeeping, automated systems and proactive tax planning. Imagine being able to create more & stress less!

I’m not your average accountant

Yes, I have an MBA in Accounting, I’m an IRS enrolled agent and a Certified Advanced QuickBooks ProAdvisor (all the shiny credentials you want your accountant to have). But, more than all of these things, I’m an entrepreneur just like you. I’ll work with you side-by-side to get you financially organized and in control of your cash flow, while showing you how to lower your taxes!

During my first phone call with Tiffany, I knew that she was exactly the person I was looking for! I immediately felt cared for and confident in her knowledge as an expert in her field. I know that I can turn to her with the five million questions I always have spinning in my head, and that she will always be on it to help me fix whatever issue at hand and thrive. I feel so at peace knowing that my business is in such great hands! Because of this, I’m now able to focus on other parts of my business that I love!

Kelly Marcelo

Hey Creative,

isn’t it time to take control of your bookkeeping?

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Before working with Tiffany, I felt confused and knew I was ready for a more efficient way to track my business expenses. Tiffany  truly took the time to get to know my business. She goes ABOVE AND BEYOND and understands the creative mind. Now, I’m excited for my business! And for the first time in 13 years I’m actually excited to work on accounting! All thanks to Tiffany! I honestly don’t think I could love her more!

Melissa Sorrentino

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5 Bookkeeping Basics for Creative Entrepreneurs

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