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QuickBooks Online
for Photographers


This free masterclass is a complete walkthrough of everything you want to know about how QuickBooks Online can help you get your photography business financially organized so that you can keep more of what you make.

Business Structure Masterclass
for Photographers

Finally understand how your business should be structured and how it affects your taxes!

Business Expense Breakdown
for Photographers

Learn what you CAN & CAN’T deduct in your photography business. You’ll never want to do taxes without it!

State-by-State Sales Tax Guide
for Photographers

Grab your copy of this guide & get sales tax compliant in your photography business, in the state your business resides in and every state you travel to for destination shoots. EVERY state is included!

Photographer Tax Time Checklist

Grab your copy of this free checklist and be calm, confident, and ready for tax day! 

Instant Access Courses

Sales Tax 101
for Photographers

Photographer, are you ready to finally get sales tax compliant and move forward in your business with confidence? This course will give you the complete step-by-step for teaching you everything you need to know about sales tax (both in the state you reside in and states you travel to for shoots) so you can be sales tax confident!

Estimated Taxes 101
for Photographers

Photographer, this is the course you need if you are not sure if you’re doing your estimated payments right (or if you’re not doing them at all!) for your quarterly taxes. In this course, you will learn everything you need to know about making your payments so you don’t owe a dime come tax time! 

Business Setup 101
for Photographers

Photographer, if you don’t have a solid financial foundation, you’re not building and scaling your business effectively and you put yourself at risk. This is the course you need in order to be financially organized, tax compliant and set up with a strong business foundation. With this course you will know just what to do with your business structure, bank accounts, bookkeeping, sales tax, and paying your team properly – all so you can keep the IRS happy and set your business up for success!

Master Your Bookkeeping with QuickBooks Online
for Photographers

Photographer, this is the course you need if you want to master your bookkeeping for good! This is the only complete step-by-step course for photographers showing you how to set up your QuickBooks Online for your photography business. 

Total Tax Transformation
for Photographers

Learn everything you need to transform your photography business into a legit, compliant, financially thriving machine so you can leverage your passion to financially fuel the life you want to live. An 8-week step-by-step course and coaching program that changes the way you do everything with your taxes for the better.

Complete Tax Collection
for Photographers

Grab the complete tax collection of ALL 3 courses that will help you get your photography business legit, compliant and always ready for tax day! Included are: Master Your Bookkeeping. Sales Tax 101, and Total Tax Transformation. 

Coaching Programs

The Legit Photographer Membership

Photographer, this is the place to be! Jump in today and get all your burning tax, finances and bookkeeping questions answered by an accountant who just “gets YOU” and knows exactly what you need as a photographer growing a LEGIT business. This is the only monthly membership created to power up your photography business so you are always compliant and ready for tax day!

 QuickBooks Online   

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