1099-NEC (New in 2020)

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As we coast into tax season, it’s essential to understand everything you have to track and file as a photographer. One of these many items is what you pay contractors.

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But right now, we’re going to go over the new 1099-NEC form born in 2020.

You may be familiar with the old school 1099-MISC (Miscellaneous) form pictured below. You would report the total amount you paid a contractor in box 7 labeled “Nonemployee Compensation.” 


NEW 1099-MISC (2020)

You’ll notice in the 2020 1099 Misc form below that box 7 has dramatically changed. 

The Box 7 nonemployee Compensation has been moved to its very own form! 

New! 1099 NEC (2020)

You can see the NEW 1099-NEC (Non-Employee Compensation) form below. This form is specifically for reporting nonemployee compensation. 

This means you may be filing both a 1099-Misc and 1099-NEC if you paid contractors and paid rent or an attorney, those items will still go on the 1099-MISC. 

Due Dates



IRS: 1099 MISC & 1099 NEC Instructions
IRS: Blank 1099 NEC
IRS: Blank 1099 MISC


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