Why I LOVE Dubsado!

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Dubsado, How Do I Love Thee, Let Me Count The Ways!

Oh My Gosh! Where do I start?

Dubsado has such an amazing set of features that are constantly growing. I will go over my favorites with you below. But, this by no means, covers everything Dubsado offers so I advise you to check it out for yourself.


Yes, this is the first app I think I have ever used that is 100% branded to my business. There is no indication on the client end at all that I am using an app of any kind because everything is branded to my business.

Lead Capture

This is amazing you can set up as many different kinds you want and implement them through various websites or newsletters (as easy as cutting and pasting a link) You can even direct your Facebook page to a lead capture in Dubsado! Your leads come in organized so you can track them and you can even pop certain leads straight into an automated workflow!  

What is an automated workflow you ask, let me tell you!


This feature outstanding, I have a pipeline, if you will, that clients go through based on the service they are purchasing loaded with canned e-mails, invoice and contracts if appropriate. Starting at the lead capture level. I will admit,  it did force me to sit down with old-fashioned pen and paper and draw a workflow for each service I offer but, it takes time to make time right? With a little help from the amazing Jen Rudd (the Dubsado Ninja), I was able to automate everything via these amazing little workflows. I go into more detail about how I set up my workflows in another blog post you can view HERE.


You can set up all your contract templates to pre-fill with client data and send for e-signature.


You can create a proposal for a client with one or multiple options the client can review and pick which ones they would like and they will be linked AUTOMATICALLY to the contract and invoice based on their selection in the proposal.

My Favorite Part!

The Dubsado Team is amazing they host this awesome Facebook Group where they interact and share updates. They are constantly adding new features. They are so engaging and truly building the ultimate app that will serve so many. They take all feedback from their users and implement the most amazing stuff!


You can truly tailor Dubsado for such a huge array of different business and industries. This is what separates Dubsado from all other CRM/Combo Apps.

Coming Soon

Lots of new features coming but my favorite: QBO Integration and a built-in Scheduler!


Dubsado is a CRM but on steroids! There is calendar integration, credit card processing, and many other pieces you can utilize within the app. Check it out! HERE

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– Tiffany Bastian

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