Review & Cleanup

Step 1: File Review

It all starts HERE! The first step to any of our QuickBooks services is our File Review. This allows us to gain the full picture of your business and your books. Whether you want to convert to another version of QuickBooks, Sign on for monthly bookkeeping or you know you need your books cleaned up.

We perform a thorough review of your file and provide you with a comprehensive outline of errors, issues, and improvements that could be made along with a lit of solutions to get you on track and humming like a well-oiled machine. 

Our File Review will show us where you are and we then compare that to where you want to be and we create the road map to get you there. 

Step 2: Clean up

The file review in step 1 provides us with the outline of what needs to happen to get you to your ideal place.  This is where we do the work to make sure that your books are set up the most effective way for your business entity and your industry type. We make sure you are utilizing all features that will benefit you.

Your file review will come with an outline of items that need to be fixed and cleaned up along with an estimate for us to do the work for you.

Step 3: Conversion

Are you ready to leave your desktop version of QuickBooks and float up to the cloud? QuickBooks Online is cloud-based application that allows you to streamline and access your business from anywhere on any device. Once we complete a file review of your desktop file we will be able to convert you over to the cloud and make sure that everything is nice and tidy when you get there.

This does not need to be a long or complicated process but it does have to be done correctly so that you gain the most benefit. We would like to help you do that.

Are you ready?


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