Hello, I'm Tiffany!

Owner of Bastian Accounting
Tiffany Bastian, Owner of Bastian Accounting

I am not your parents’ Accountant!

Most days you can find me jamming out to old school hip-hip sipping on a fresh, hot cup of coffee while I transform a client’s messy QuickBooks file into a beautiful piece of tax-ready art!

I love working with creatives I support many creative clients, with everything from QuickBooks setup and cleanup, to monthly bookkeeping, tax planning, and filing.

I have the likeness of a Frosted Mini-Wheat. I know what you’re thinking… what?

  1. I am literally mini, I mean, I am 5 foot tall on a good day.
  2. I have two sides; a detail-oriented, organized accountant side and a passionate, totally inspired creative side!

When I am not crunching numbers I enjoy traveling the world with my best friend, my husband, and my 15-year-old musician son.

I can’t forget my little helper Siri, she is a 3-year-old Brittany Spaniel, full of piss and vinegar. She has a personality twice her size she gives me something to laugh at daily.

Born & raised in Seattle A.K.A Coffee Capital of the world, I am a natural java junkie but I have to admit I have recently become a total margarita snob – I love margaritas, but I am a is a firm believer that they have to be constructed properly!

Like you, I require creative time in my day to keep balance.
My creative side has connected me with many of my current clients. I have turned helping creatives with the accounting side of their business, my business.

Let’s connect – I can’t wait to work with you!

MBA In Accounting
IRS Enrolled Agent
QuickBooks Advanced Proadvisor

Let's connect!


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