Hello Photographer!

Is your business structured to your tax advantage?

ready to level up?

Do the words, Sole Proprietor, DBA, LLC, Partnership or S-Corporation make your head spin?

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Listen… I know

business structure can be confusing🥴

Sure, I can teach you all about taxes but if your business is not structured properly then none of it means anything, and chances are you’re paying too much in taxes.

I’m Tiffany Bastian, and I’m going to break it all down for you!

In this Masterclass, you will learn…

What a Sole Proprietor, DBA, LLC, Partnership and S-Corporation are.

How to pick the best business structure for where you are in your business right now.

How the different business structures compare to each other. 

All the tax benefits of electing S-Corporation status.

Are you ready to understand business structure so you can leverage it to save on taxes?

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