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Your Quarterly Taxes Are Due September 15th.
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The complete course to learn everything you need to know about making your quarterly estimated tax payments so you don't owe a dime come tax time!

“I know I can relax about taxes and won't be messing up my financials."

With her help, I know I can relax about taxes and won’t be messing up my financials. She is a true expert and is up to date with current tax law information. The word that keeps coming to mind when I think about her work is “care”. She is relational, funny, smart, and easy. Learn from Tiffany because she will save you time, money and stress! Plus, you will feel like you have an amazing coach in your corner pushing your business forward.”


Photographer, this course is for you if:

You aren't sure what exactly an estimated payment is and possibly didn't even know they are REQUIRED by the IRS. 
You know you need to get compliant with estimated payments, but you don’t even know where to begin.
You aren't sure how to figure out how much you need to pay, especially since your business income can be sporadic depending on the number of client shoots you get.
You’re ready to be quarterly tax compliant and confident so you can focus your energy on connecting with your clients and growing your photography business.

By the end of this course
You will:


Be confident with Estimated Taxes - no more stressing out about what you don’t know and no more being worried you're doing something wrong!


Know exactly when to pay your estimated taxes and how much to pay - so you can be on time and avoid any penalties and fees.


Owe less at tax time! - no more chance of owing an outrageous amount every tax season and having to come up with the cash fast.


Finally have peace of mind because you know you are compliant with the IRS - no more worries that they're going to come after you and flood your mailbox with penalty notices.

“I just feel so much more empowered."

“Tiffany, in general, has really made a huge impact on my business and my life. I just feel so much more empowered. She really gives you the knowledge to take it all on for yourself so you can understand what you're doing in your business and how to keep striving onward and upward.”


Enroll Now & Finally Get Compliant with the IRS!

Meet Tiffany Bastian

Hey there my photographer friend!
I’m so excited that you’re ready to take the next step and lean into learning more about the financial and tax side of your photography business. 

Look, This stuff is not rocket science. 
Anyone who WANTS to learn this CAN!

I believe the ole’ “Teach a man to fish and he will be fed for life” rationale AND that knowledge is power! 
But, many tax professionals use that knowledge to talk over your head and make it all seem super confusing and impossible to grasp - and rarely do they explain anything to you.

That’s not how I roll…
Look, I have an MBA in Accounting and am an IRS Enrolled Agent.  My team and I work exclusively with photographers just like you everyday. With this knowledge, I’ll empower you!

It’s my mission to help you understand the financial and tax areas of your Photography business. So, that you can level up!

I’m focused on your success - Let’s GO!

What are you waiting for...
Tax day?

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