1099,  W-9, WTF ??

1099, W-9, WTF ??

I see questions and confusion all the time regarding these forms. I thought I would take a moment to break them down. First things first, you need to understand if and when you need to file a 1099, you can learn more about the criteria in another post I wrote here:...
1099-MISC (The Good, The Bad, The Penalties)

1099-MISC (The Good, The Bad, The Penalties)

If are self-employed or own a small business, chances are you have seen a 1099-Misc form. There is a great deal confusion surrounding this funny little tax form. The Nitty Gritty I have seen many clients who do not realize that indeed, they are required to track...
Tiffany Bastian, owner of Bastian Accounting

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